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Beyond Talk Therapy

Modalities and Principles used:

My approach

Through my work with trauma survivors, I have developed a treatment approach that benefits not only survivors, but all clients because it provides a model for approaching all of life’s challenges. I’d like to share with you this brief summary. In my work of the past 23 years providing emergency care and on-going treatment for individuals in all stages of trauma recovery, I discovered my passion for the work. Sharing the journey of many courageous clients, I have identified an approach to treatment and to life I call Constructive Presence. In Constructive Presence, the therapist starts in the very first meeting to be thoroughly present* with the client, her story, her goals and her desires. As the trusting relationship is established, the client finds herself walking straighter and taller into her own unique self. Through a combination of compassion and pragmatism, we address the realms of life that have been compromised by the trauma – from the every-day, to the existential, to the metaphysical. Together client and therapist engage in Constructive Presence – each person being fully attuned to the needs and goals at hand. Treatment becomes a true collaboration through which the mind, heart, body and spirit are fully engaged in a pragmatic and transcendent journey to a satisfying life.

*Being fully engaged in the moment and attuned to the here and now.

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